Dizzee Rascal is back with a hardcore, grimy + catchy new single. It is called ‘Bassline Junkie’ + is blowing up in the UK right now. It is a positive tune stating that Dizzee does not need any hardcore drugs. All he needs is “big dirty stinkin’ bass,” because he is a bassline junkie. This tune will grasp onto you. Get ready to act silly + dance around.

Felix Cartal remixed the latest single from the Killers. His remix of ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ is fantastic. It is filled with energy. Felix Cartal has created a dance anthem. The lead singers’ voice is works perfectly with some heavy bass thrown behind his vocals. This is a dance sing-a-long for sure. “You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.”

I found a genius new tune from British newcomer Laura Mvula. It is called ‘Green Garden.’ This song is a ray of sunshine. It is filled with positivity + an addictive clapping beat. “Wherever you go, wherever you take me I go.” I am loving her soulful voice. You are going to want to go outside with Laura Mvula in her green garden. Trust me on this. I am intrigued to hear more songs by her. 2013 will be a great year for her.

Wild Belle is a new band from America. Their song ‘It’s Too Late’ is a powerful tune. Some of the powerful lines are: “Now that you want me, it’s too late…It’s too late for love.” This is a perfect indie-alternative track. I would consider this to be a great breakup song. The lyrics are sassy. This is one of my favorite tunes at the moment. It will be one of yours too.

I wanted to make sure that I shared HAIM‘s ‘Forever’ with you. I have had this tune for well over a month. It is still going strong on my playlists. If you do not already know this indie-alternative song yet. You will surely be hearing it soon. “Go get out of my memory.”