Crystal Fighters are back with new music for 2013. They just released a tune called ‘Separator.’ It is filled with positive energy. It has an alternative rock feel to it. One of my favorite line’s of the song is “if you love inside your heart forever more, feel the love.” This is a new sound for Crystal Fighters. I am excited to hear what new sounds will come from their upcoming album ‘Cave Rave.’ 2013 will be good to Crystal Fighters.

I first heard MNDR in 2010 + expected big things from them. I am sure they will gain the respect they deserve this year. Their current single ‘Feed Me Diamonds’ is incredible. The lead singer’s voice is hauntingly beautiful. The lyrics are haunting as well. The first line is “lie with me, lie to me.” She does not want an ordinary relationship. She wants one with an insane amount of passion. “Come on, dismantle me, do it slowly.” This track is one that you will have on repeat. You want to know why she wants you to feed her diamonds.

I discovered one of the coolest tracks I have heard in a while on Friday. It is called ‘Bird Machine’ by DJ Snake feat. Alesia. What makes this trap song so special? It uses real bird chirping in its production. I am pretty sure that those are real birds in the tune. It is absolutely creative + brilliant. I can hear this song being sampled + used everywhere in the fiuture. Lets see where this track goes. Enjoy its greatness.

The last tune I want to share with you is the Michael Creange + WEKEED remix of Electric Guest‘s ‘The Bait.’ The original is amazing, but I think I might love the remix a little more. The remix has a lot of complexity to it. It has chill parts, fast + energetic parts with incredible lyrics. You will fall in love with this track.