True Tiger remixed Ed Sheeran‘s new UK single, ‘Give Me Love.’ I like the original version, but this one is so much better. The original is a slow balled. True Tiger upped the song a notch. They added guitars + a chill beat. Ed Sheeran’s vocals sound better in the remix, than in the original. It is all due to the brilliant production of True Tigers. My favorite line of the song is: “Maybe tonight I’ll call ya, after my blood turns into alcohol.” Such a silly, yet truthful line. I think you will give this song plenty of listens.

I am happy that Fenech-Soler are back with new music. ‘All I Know’ is their latest single. They have drifted further away from their previous alternative sound. They now have an electro dance-pop feel to them. I really like it. They have been playing this song every day this week on BBC Radio 1. I honestly cannot get enough of it. The chorus has a punch to it. “All I know is I did you wrong. All I know is you’ll be strong without me.” This song is perfect pop goodness.

High Contrast remixed Plan B + Labrinth‘s latest tune, ‘Playing With Fire.’ The original tune is powerful. You must check out the powerful video. High Contrast made a drum & bass remix of the song. It is now as harsh as the original is to listen to. It makes the tune dance-worthy. I enjoy it. “You’re playing with fire!”

Sway made a fun dance-pop tune with Mr. Hudson. Its production is done very well. This tune will make you want to dance. I suggest working out to this song. It will be a fun song to listen to, while you do some cardio. I cannot wait until Mr. Hudson comes out with more solo material. He is a talented artist. “The beat keeps drumming on + on…to think we almost lost our faith in love”