I am in love with the new Disclosure + London Grammar tune ‘Help Me Lose My Mind.’ The vocals are hauntingly beautiful. I think the play of words in the tune are genius. “You help me lose my mind + you believe something I can’t define. Help me lose my mind.” Disclosure accompanies these vocals with a chilled-out house beat. The track is close to perfection.

Katy B‘s new single ‘What Love is Made Of’ is great. It fits in well with the Disclosure track. I have been loving all of Katy B’s new music lately. They are all creative in their own ways. ‘What Love is Made Of’ is a nice mixture of R&B + house with jazzy vocals. This is a tune that you should definitely listen to.

There are a few good remixes out there for the latest Crystal Fighters single ‘You & I.’ My favorite has to be the indie-disco inspired Gigamesh remix. Gigamesh takes dance elements from the 70′s + the 80′s + blends them together with a healthy dose of 2013. Have fun listening + dancing to this positive remix.

With so many great Crystal Fighters tracks that have been released recently, I have to share one more with you. ‘Love Natural’ is one of their new tracks that has that ‘Plage’ feel to it. It makes me want to go for a nice walk on a beach. ‘Love Natural’ will leave you with a huge smile on your face. ‘When I look at you, oh I feel my heart, oh I feel real love inside.”

I found a new song by Lana Del Rey called ‘Queen of Disaster.’ This song is addictive. It has a positive 60′s feel to it, with dreary lyrics. Lana Del Rey does not like to sing about happy topics very often. She is the ‘Queen of Disaster.’

One of my dream collaborations came true. Dizzee Rascal teamed up with Robbie Williams on their new single ‘Goin’ Crazy.’ This is one of those songs that will be in your head, after only one listen. This song is fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. “I believe I’m goin’ crazy. I believe I’m losing my mind.”

“My floor drop like an earthquake.” That is how the next song starts. DJ Fresh, Diplo + Dominique Young Unique all collaborated on a dancefloor anthem called ‘Earthquake.’ This song is funny. Beware! It will be hard not to dance to this tune. Have fun!