I am very happy to be doing a post on Kitsuné. Kitsuné is a French record label + fashion label, out of Paris. In 2006, my sister went on holiday to Paris. She brought me back a CD that has changed my life. This CD is Kitsuné Maison Compilation 3. The music on the disc was innovative + ahead of its time. It completely changed the way I listened to music. If you are a fan of the music that I find, then you can thank my sister for giving me this CD. I will be forever grateful.

Kitsuné has just released their 10th anniversary collection called Kitsuné Maison Compilation 14. The complication is great. I want to share a few of my favorite tracks with you. I’m going to start with ‘Any Kind of Pressure’ by Lorenz Rhode + Jamie Lidell. It has an 80′s dance feel to it. I was excited to hear that Jamie Lidell was making new music. I enjoy his voice. This is a feel good song about a man that is losing his mind. You will be dancing + singing along with Jamie Lidell. “Any kind of pressure will send me right over the edge.” Go dance out all of life’s pressures.

Gildas remixed the latest tune by Two Door Cinema Club called ‘Sun.’ This track has a 70′s disco vibe to it. I have heard other remixes of the track + this is the best one. Gildas compliments the vocals with smooth, chilled-out beats + sounds. This just is a great track. You will not be disappointed by it.

The last track I want to share with you from Kitsuné is ‘Maybe You’ by Saint Lou Lou. Saint Lou Lou are 21-year-old Swedish twins with hauntingly mellow voices. I was surprised that this track was even on the compilation. It sounds different from all of the other tracks. It is a chill, sad + hopeful tune. I could hear this blowing up on indie radio stations. “Maybe you…pull me through, if you come tonight.”

My bonus track is not on the Kitsuné compilation. It is the Alex Metric remix of St. Lucia‘s ‘September.’ I think it would fit perfectly on the compilation though. It has a chilled-out modern disco feel to it. This is the ultimate driving + workout tune. I’m dancing to it right now. It will leave you continually repeating the line “I just want you to remember, before you get carried away.”