Flosstradamus are talented DJ’s from Chicago.  They remixed Sub Focus‘ new single ‘Tidal Wave.’  The track features vocals from Alpines. This tune/remix has me hooked. Flosstradamus turned the UK hit into a trap anthem. The vocals are melodic + the remix helps bring out the emotion in the song. “You can’t just give it away, like it means nothin.’ Love isn’t this game where you win somethin.’” That is just how the song starts off. Flosstradamus does their thing + you will get lost in their trance. This is a great tune.

The next tune I want to share with you is ‘Extra Bacon’ by Argentinean DJs, Heatbeat. I know you must be thinking the same thing that I thought when I first heard the tune. What a weird song title. I am still not sure what it means, but the song is wickedly good. It is a heavy electro tune that might just blow up your speakers. It is packed with high amounts of energy. You will be dancing around like a mad man/woman to this tune. This is a track for all of the EDM lovers out there. Order some ‘Extra Bacon.’

Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg) released a new tune yesterday. It is called ‘Here Comes the King’ feat. Angela Hunte. The track is produced by Major Lazer. It is a perfect reggae-dancehall tune. Angela Hunte has a nice voice. She works well with Snoop Lion. She wrote the massive hit ‘Empire State of Mind.’  The line(s) that make me smile are: “We are at war with the army of haters + when we kill ‘em, we just smoke them like papers.”

Lastly I want to share a bonus tune with you.  It has a completely different sound than the other three tunes.  It is ‘The John Wayne’ by Little Green Cars. This is an indie/alternative tune. What intrigues me about this song is its honesty. It begins with the line “it’s easy to fall in love with you.” Do not let that fool you. This is not a happy love song. It is a rather upsetting tune. The singer is heartbroken + is getting out his emotions through music. It is a well written song. I cannot stop listening to it. Do you like it as much as I do?