I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. I figured that a dance post would be nice for the holiday season. I am going to start with Katy B. She just put out a free EP called ‘Danger.’ You can download ‘Danger’ for free here. It’s a good EP. My favorite tracks are ‘Light As a Feather’ + ‘Got Paid.’ ‘Light As a Feather’ samples Diplo‘s track ‘Set It Off.’ It also features rapper Iggy Azalea. I love this tune, but I do not think Iggy Azalea did anything special for the track. Her part is short + does not properly fit into the tune. It is still a brilliant tune though.

‘Got Paid’ is the other tune off of ‘Danger’ that I really enjoy. This is the perfect weekend party tune. Zinc provides the fun beats + Wiley adds a fun rap to the tune. This is the song that you listen to right before you go out on a Friday night. “Friday never lets me down…we gonna hit the town. I just got paid.” Katy B put out a great EP. Download it + enjoy.

Avicii + Nicky Romero finally released the vocal version of their smash dance hit ‘Nicktim.’ The new version has been renamed ‘I Could Be the One.’ This is a dance anthem + a half. This song will be played in every club for the next few months. It is massive. The vocals are perfect. They pleasantly accompany the tune + do not over power its greatness. “I could be the to make you feel that way. I could be the one to set you free.” Happy dancing!

I have a brilliant new house tune to share with you. It is the Disclosure remix of Artful Dodger‘s ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On.’ This is one of those tunes that I get lost in. It takes me on a trance roller coaster + I enjoy the ride all the way through. The vocals are smooth + the beat is subtle + fluid. I love the 90′s feel to the track. This reeks of brilliance.

You might have heard this tune on the radio already. It is so good that I want to share it with you anyway. It is the new Afrojack + Chris Brown song called ‘As Your Friend.’ Chris Brown’s voice works really well with dance music. This will blow up + you will not be able to escape this tune in a month-or-so. Make sure you get the chance to enjoy it, before the radio destroys it. “I used to be your man, but today I woke up as your friend.”