‘Pull Me Down’ by Mikky Ekko is an incredible tune. The version I like the best is the Ryan Hemsworth remix. It gives the track some extra flare. Mikky Ekko has a way with lyrics. He seduces his listeners with this love song. “Your name is a wave washing over me. No games, just a slave to you totally…pull me down if you want to…cause I want to be your man.” Are those not beautiful lyrics? I can promise you that Mikky Ekko will pull you down.

AlunaGeorge were one of my breakout artists of last year. They have a sound all of their own. Their newest single just dropped today. It is called ‘Diver.’ It is a chill indie-electronic-alternative tune. I am looking forward to hearing more from them. AlunaGeorge will be a name that you will hear for years to come. “I’ll go when I want to. Don’t be surprised if I race you.”

Are you ready for my new addiction? It is ‘Float’ by the band Pacific Air (formerly known as KO KO). This song is almost perfect. It is chill + it puts a smile on your face. It is because the track is beautifully produced. The lyrics are honest + catchy. The tune starts off with the line: “Now I don’t know if I’m lost, but this all just looks the same.” The line that you will get you hooked is: “If we both get old, will you let me float away?” It is a powerful tune that you all need on your playlists.

I have been holding onto ‘Hero’ by Family of the Year for a few weeks now. I have also been loving this tune for weeks. It is a brilliant melancholic tune. They are already playing this on some alternative radio stations. This will be one of your favorite songs. “Let me go. I don’t want to be your hero.”