Missy Elliott has reworked her image + lost a good deal of weight.   It makes sense then to have one of her old hits modernized into today’s generation.  Diplo + GTA rework Missy Elliott‘s ‘Work It’ + transform it into a song called ‘Boy Oh Boy’ They successfully made ‘Work It’ a 2013 dance anthem. I cannot get enough of this tune. ‘Boy Oh Boy’ is filled with massive amounts of energy. The tracks explodes in your ears right after Diplo + GTA drop Missy’s vocals. “This is the kind of beat that go…”  Get ready for a great time with this track.

British DJ Torqux + British rapper Lady Leshurr team up on ‘Blazin.” I have been a fan of Lady Leshurr’s since 2011. She is a talented rapper that is still new on the hip-hop scene. Torqux utilized her talents well + created an epic club hit. ‘Blazin’ will have you dancing around + acting like a fool. This is one of my favorite tunes at the moment. You will fall in love with this.

Rye Rye is back with a new song that is off of her upcoming mixtape ‘RYEde or Die.’ The track is called ‘After Party.’ This is the ultimate party song. Rye Rye is sounding great on this track. She is back + sounding hardcore.  This is my favorite side of Rye Rye. I love it when she is hardcore + fun, all at the same time. I am excited to hear the rest of  the ‘RYEde or Die’ mixtape.

Amplify Dot is one talented British rapper. I recently found her track ‘Get Down’ + fell in love. It is a fun tune. She raps a line “Stars on me, Chanukah, Jewish.” She is a real rapper with a lot of potential. I can listen to ‘Get Down’ on repeat. Make sure you play this track at your next party. You will get everyone up + dancing.