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New Lana Del Rey With Avicii + a Great Gatsby Song+

Lana Del Rey has a new tune off of the Great Gatsby soundtrack. The tune is called ‘Young & Beautiful.’...

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Jessie Ware’s ‘Imagine It Was Us’ + Video+

Jessie Ware just dropped her new single + video today for ‘Imagine It Was Us.’ The song is jam packed...

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Skream + Kelis Are Calling Out Their Copycats+

British producer Skream + Kelis got together for a new tune called ‘Copycat.’ Skream provides the track with dark beats,...

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Next Dance Anthem: Asaf Avidan – ‘One Day / Reckoning Song’ (Wankelmut Remix) + Video+

I am telling you that Asaf Avidan & The Mojos‘ ‘One Day/Reckoning Song’ is going to be huge. The Wankelmut...

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‘Let’s Have a Kiki’ + ‘Roll the Drums’ with Scissor Sisters & AutoErotique+

Happy Monday! Hopefully, you are having a good day. If you are not, this is the perfect post for you....

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Infadels ‘From Out of the Black Sky’ Video + Passion Pit Gets ‘Carried Away’…’I'll Be Alright’+

Earlier today, Alex Metric shared this wonderful video with the world. It’s the new video for the Infadels‘ new single,...

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The Noisettes Are Back With ‘That Girl’ & ‘Winner’ (Video)+

I am very happy that the Noisettes are back with new music. I have been a fan of theirs for...

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Florence + The Machine Go #1 With Calvin Harris’ Help & ‘Spectrum’ Video+

Florence + The Machine’s latest single ‘Spectrum’ is huge. It went #1 in the UK today. Calvin Harris created the...

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Santigold’s ‘The Keepers’ Video (Her House is Burning Down)+

Santigold’s latest video, ‘The Keepers,’ is wacky. It’s awesomely creepy. The video has satire, blonde wigs, dancing, drive-by-shootings + much...

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AlunaGeorge = Greatness With Their ‘Just a Touch’ Video + More+

AlunaGeorge is one of the hottest new bands I’ve heard all year. They have their own unique sound. Aluna Francis...

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Fiona Apple Fights With Her Brain ‘Every Single Night’ (Video)+

Fiona Apple is back with some personal music. It’s deep + fantastic. I wasn’t expecting to love her new stuff,...

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Die Antwoord’s Crazy New Song + Video: ‘Baby’s On Fire’+

Die Antwoord’s new video + tune is crazy. I like crazy, so I love it. It’s called ‘Baby’s On Fire.’...

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Azealia Banks Was a Rude Bitch in the ’212′ + ‘Fucks Up the Fun’ with Diplo+

I wish I found out about this song, ’212′ by Azealia Banks sooner. It’s a breath of fresh air. She...

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Marina (& The Diamonds) is a ‘Primadonna’ + a ‘Homewrecker’+

Marina Diamandis is Marina & The Diamonds. She is the half Greek, half Welsh singer with an amazing voice. I...

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‘Fuck Me’ Song + Video by British Girl Group, Stooshe+

‘Fuck Me’ is fun! Stooshe are a new British Girl Group that are trying to blow up in the UK....

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