Lana Del Rey has a new tune off of the Great Gatsby soundtrack. The tune is called ‘Young & Beautiful.’ Her voice is always chillingly beautiful. She has a way with lyrics that touches your soul. The chorus is the most powerful part of the whole tune. “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young + beautiful? Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul?” Lana Del Rey will break your heart + you will love it.

I am surprised that Avicii got Lana Del Rey to work with him on a new dance song. The song is so fresh that it has not been released yet. The only versions available are decent quality club rips. The song is called ‘Dance in the Water (Wild Boys)’ + it is really good. This will be huge once it is finally released. ‘Dance in the Water’ is meant to be played at parties + clubs. Enjoy the preview for now. I am certain that you will.  Update: It turns out that the song is called ‘Dear Boy’ by Avicii featuring , not Lana Del Rey.

Another preview I have for you is by Ray Foxx feat. Rachel K Collier. The song is called ‘Boom Boom (Heartbeat).’ This is my favorite new dance tune. I first heard it on Danny Howard‘s BBC Radio 1 show on Saturday. It instantly put me in the best of moods. This will be an international dance hit. Get ready to dance! “Boom Boom!”

Basement Jaxx are back with a new tune called ‘Back 2 the Wild.’ The song is crazy + wild. It will surely make you smile. There are experimental sounds, bongo drums, chanting + plenty more sounds to get you excited. The music video is brilliant, colorful + wonderful.  “Let’s get naked!”

Kat Krazy created a remix for Bastille‘s ‘Laura Palmer.’ When Kat Krazy + Bastille come together, they create magic. It is filled with tons of energy + Kat Krazy allows Bastille’s vocals to shine. “This is your heart. Can you feel it?” I can surely feel it.

The last tune I want to share with you is one that I heard on Tiesto‘s Club Life show the other day. It is the Alle Farben remix of Daughter‘s ‘Youth.’ Daughter’s vocals are beautiful. Alle Farben will put you into a trance with this amazing remix. You will get lost in this song. Enjoy its greatness.