Major Lazer has finally dropped a new tune off their upcoming album ‘Free the Universe.’ The track is called ‘Watch Out For This (Bumaye)’ feat. Busy Signal, The Flexican + FS Green. It has a massive reggae dancehall vibe to it. Diplo gets creative + adds bits of electro + moombahton elements to the track. The tune is brilliant. This will murder all the clubs + dancehalls in the next few months. ‘Watch Out For This!’

Azealia Banks just leaked a new track to the world the other day. The tune is called ‘Barely Legal’ feat. The Strokes. This is the Azealia Banks that I prefer. She is singing, instead of rapping. ‘Barely Legal’ is a mosh posh of various genres. There are R&B, electronic + indie-alternative elements all mixed together into one track. It it quite genius. This is the best track she has put out since ’212.’

Rudimental is about to tear up the dance world with their new tune ‘Waiting All Night.’ It features vocals from Ella Eyre. This drum & bass tune is incredible. You are hooked within the first five seconds of listening to the song. You will be dancing around your room or on the club dancefloor singing “I’ve been waiting all night for you to tell me that you that you want me.” Rudimental puts of fantastic tunes. 2013 will be a great year for them.

The M Machine recently put out a new album ‘Metropolis Pt II.’ Their track ‘Schadenfreude’ is the standout track + will blow your mind. I had no idea what Schadenfreude meant, so I had to look up its meaning. It means to take pleasure in someone else’s misfortune. If that is what this insane dance/electronic track is about, then that is fantastic. This tune oozes heavy bass + creativity. Take a listen.

I just found Felix Cartal‘s remix of Crystal Fighters‘ ‘Plage.’ It is wonderful! The remix has been around for a while now. I just discovered its existence + had to share it with you. It brings me a world of joy every time I listen to it. You will fall in love with this remix. “Do you want to go to the plage with me?”