Robert DeLong is a brand new artist. His brilliant single is called ‘Global Concepts.’ He mixes a few different genres together. The track starts off sounding like an indie/alternative tune. It soon goes crazy + electro beats start pounding in your ears. The tune is fantastic. ‘Global Concepts’ is lyrically outstanding. “I think it burns my sense of truth to hear me shouting at my youth…Did I leave my life to chance or did I make you fucking dance?” I am loving this song! Enjoy its greatness with me.

I am obsessed with Green Day‘s new single, ‘Stray Heart.’ It has a dated sound. It sounds like it should be a single from the 90′s. That is one of of the reasons that I love it so much. You will be rocking out to this tune. The chorus is overly catchy. I feel like most people can relate to the lyrics too. “Everything that I want, I want from you, but I just can’t have you.” Perfect, right?

I found an interesting tune from the UK by DJ Yoda feat. Soom T + Afrikan Boy. The track is called ‘Rudies.’ It has its own vibe to it. The production + vocals are very creative. DJ Yoda is introducing the world to some fresh new sounds. I am not sure you are ready for this blast of fun. Get funky with this tune.

Solange is back + with vengeance. Her new music is incredible. She has her own sound going on. I am really feeling her track ‘Lovers in the Parking Lot.’ It has a chilled-out R&B feel to it. She is letting her emotions lead the way. The track is deep + you can hear Solange’s pain. “Played around with your heart…”