British producer Skream + Kelis got together for a new tune called ‘Copycat.’ Skream provides the track with dark beats, while Kelis is seducing you with her sensual voice. Kelis is calling out all of her copycats. Some people in the media world think Kelis is talking about certain pop stars. I am not sure if she is targeting anyone in particular. I just know this is a great tune. It is unlike anything I have heard before. “Come here copycat. You’re my puppet.”

I have been hearing this tune called ‘A+E (Random Things)’ by Clean Bandit on the BBC Radio 1 all last week. This song is sick. The tune starts off sounding like you have just walked into a royal wedding. It soon drops in with some funky beats. The vocalist has a jazzy vibe to her. This tune makes me smile + dance. Make sure you check out the video. It is really good. I love the dancers in it. “Imma come for you. I’m a predator.”

I have been holding onto Naughty Boy + Emeli Sandé‘s ‘Wonder’ for way too long. This track is full of pop goodness. The combination of Emeli Sandé’s beautiful voice + the song’s positive lyrics will put you in a great state of mind. The overall message of the tune is that “you are full of wonder.” It is a great message. This song could do well in the US.

Naughty Boy remixed the massive Labrinth + Emeli Sandé tune ‘Beneath Your Beautiful.’ This version features a spoken poet called George the Poet. This is my favorite version of the track. In all honesty, this tune took a bit to grow on me. You fall in love with it, after a few listens. “Will you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?” Get ready to fall in love.