Solange is back!   You know who she is.  It is Beyonce‘s sister.  She sounds better than ever before. Her new track ‘Losing You’ is very catchy. I cannot stop listening to it. It is a rather sad song with a happy beat. I do not get sad when I hear it. That is the recipe for a good tune. It is hard not to be depressed with a chorus that goes: “Tell me the truth boy.  Am I losing you for good?” You just want to get up + groove along side with Solange. You will have this one on repeat.

One of my most played songs this past month has been Stooshe‘s ‘See Me Like This.” They tap into a retro-pop vibe that pleases your ears. The girls are angry with their men. They made a fun song that expresses all of their emotions. The tune starts off with the line “you say you love me, but I know it’s a lie.” Isn’t that great?  You know you must support a song that has a chorus like this: “I’m about to shoot love.” It is brilliant. This will be your new favorite tune.

Krewella‘s new dance/pop tune is fantastic. It is called “Come & Get It.” This song will do well on the radio, if it gets played. It is very electro-dance heavy with a catchy chorus. “If you wanna lose your mind, come & get it.” You will dancing up a storm with this one.

Example has created the perfect song title. ‘Let’s Be Fucking Stupid.’ How brilliant is that? It is produced by the Swedish electronic duo, Dada Life. Example is extremely talented. He is one of the best artists to come out of the UK in years. The UK has plenty of great artists too. This is one of those tracks that will drive you wild. As soon as you hit play, your brain wants to let loose. “Life’s so more fun when we act dumb. Let’s be fucking stupid.”