Tegan and Sara‘s new single ‘Closer’ is starting to get played everywhere. It is an addictive + catchy tune. Sultan & Ned Shepard remixed the pop-alternative track. Their remix of ‘Closer’ is perfect. They found a way to make it chill, yet energetic. You will have this song on repeat. Get ready to dance + sing your heart out. “I want you close.”

Haim is a new band from LA that recently has been blowing up indie/alternative radio stations. They have also been getting a lot of play on the BBC Radio 1. Their current single ‘Don’t Save Me’ has been remixed by Cyril Hahn. This is the ultimate indie dance party track. The remix has a calming effect to it. The original is great. I prefer to listen to the remix though. You will enjoy it. “Baby, don’t save me now.”

I put Pacific Air‘s ‘Float’ on my last post. This song is quite epic. I found a great remix of the tune by TheFatRat. It starts off in a soothing matter + quickly builds up in energy. This remix is creative. TheFatRat did a great job with this one. I heard this remix at an indie dance party earlier in the week. The dancefloor was packed. Get ready to be pleased by its greatness.

I am in love with ‘We Got the World’ by Icona Pop. It is an explosion of pop-dance goodness. The track is completely different than their first single, ‘I Love It.’ ‘We Got the World’ is fun + positive. You will have a blast dancing to this one. “They say you’re a freak when we’re having fun. Say you must be high when we’re spreading love, but we’re just living life + we never stop.”

David Guetta + Taped Rai‘s ‘Just One Last Time’ has been remixed by Hard Rock Sofa. This is a remix with tons of energy. This is the perfect Saturday night tune. I can just picture a big dancefloor going crazy when this song comes on. The remix takes you on a trip with highs, lows, build ups + insane beats. Put this on your party playlists + watch your party go wild.