Stooshe is one of my favorite girl groups. They are fairly new, but they have put out an array of brilliant tunes. I just got a bunch on new tracks that might be on their debut album. It sounds incredible. The album is supposed to drop in March. The tracks are full of pop creativity + tons of spunk. I must share some of my favorites with you. The track ‘My Man Music’ is a standout tune. It has a reggae vibe to it. I adore this song. It makes me happy + want to dance. They need to make this tune a single. It would do well on the UK charts.

Remember the Salt-N-Pepa classic ‘Whatta Man?’ I know you do. Stooshe did a cover of it on their mixtape last year. It is brilliant. It samples Wretch 32 + Josh Kumra’s ‘Don’t Go’ and Clipse’s ‘Grindin.’ Can you imagine all those tracks mixed together? You can now. Stooshe did their thing with this cover. They made a newly mastered version of ‘Whatta Man’ that might be on their upcoming album. I have to say that I prefer the mixtape version better. The mixtape version is perfect + more creative.

The last Stooshe tune I want to share with you is ‘Ain’t No Other Me.’ It has a classic R&B/pop feel to it. It is a great feel good tune. There is no way you will not enjoy this song. “I’m a new girl in a different world…and you know too well, there ain’t no other me.”