Zedd‘s current single ‘Clarity’ features the indie sensation Foxes. The original tune is a brilliant dance hit. Tiësto took ‘Clarity’ + transformed it into an even bigger dance anthem. Tiësto’s remix is filled with heavy synths + bass that will drive the EDM lovers wild. I am blown away by its greatness. The vocals are what made the original so amazing. The line “if our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity” is absolutely genius. Tiësto kept Foxes’ vocals intact + created perfection.

I found a new Mad Decent tune yesterday that I am in love with. It is called ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ by Lady Bee + Grace Regine. It is a creative dance tune that will make you want to get up + dance. I played it for a group of children yesterday + they could not help but dance like crazy to it. ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ is filled with fun energy. Grace Regine does the vocals for this track. I really enjoy her tone + her lyrics are great. You will be singing along to this tune, after a few listens. “You’re sweet like chocolate boy.”

I found a new dance tune last week by Anakyn featuring Fabio Lendrum. It is called ‘Point Blank (Love is Blind).’ It is a great EDM tune with vocals that will tear right through you. There are only a few lines in the song, but they are powerful. “Love is blind, but you stare right through me…so watch me walk away.” Those are some deep lyrics. This will be a great song to workout your aggression to. Enjoy!